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Employee scheduling software and labor management solutions for retailers, grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants and bars, food-service companies, hotels, motels, and other hospitality industries.

Hello and welcome to - a website dedicated to employee and labor scheduling software. We feature software for retail, hotel, motel, restaurant, bar, club, and food-service companies. In addition to the various free, open source, and commercial packages on the site, this site features - simple, affordable, and powerful employee scheduling software.

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Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software

Snap Schedule provides labor scheduling products across multiple industries. According to BMS Central:

Snap Schedule gives you visual tools for scheduling, reporting, and publishing work schedules. It alerts you of scheduling conflicts and helps you avoid unexpected overtime, overworked staff, and unfilled posts/positions. You can schedule employees based on position, skill, availability, cost, seniority, and other criteria. Snap Schedule’s extensive reports provide details on labor costs, vacation, time off, and key statistics. Keeping track of all your budgets, staff overtime, training, certifications, and the details of running your department is easy with Snap Schedule's extensive reports. Quickly generate reports that keep you informed, and focus on what is important. Print, e-mail, and export work schedules and reports in PDF and a variety of formats. For more information, please visit

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Intellicate is a French company that provides labor scheduling products across multiple industries. According to Intellicate:

Intellicate is a leading provider of staff scheduling and workforce management software, its Schedule24 technology has defined best practice in staff scheduling solutions since 2000. Intellicate has customers worldwide and across all industry sectors. Through its Schedule24 software range, Intellicate provides the workflow needed by business managers to deliver flexible working strategies in today's competitive markets. Intellicate offers free fully functional 30-day evaluation of its software. This enables prospective customers to fully evaluate the software in their own work environment to ensure it meets their business requirements before investing. For more information, please visit

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BlueCube has been purchased by RedPrairie, and is now called RedPrairie Scheduling. From the RedPrairie website:

RedPrairie Scheduling combines the labor requirements forecast with employee factors such as skill level, availability, preferences, and labor laws to create an optimal schedule. Because the schedule is tightly integrated with the forecasting application and human resources data, it ensures employees are in place to meet customer demands. And because their individual work preferences are met, employee satisfaction increases.

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SAP (Retail Intel Workforce)

From the SAP (Retail Intel Workforce) website:

Without advanced automation techniques, aligning workers' schedules to perfectly satisfy the demands of the business is no easy task. Typically, the best management can with manual scheduling is to consider employee requirements (such as minimum hours) while making general assessments of store activity patterns. By analyzing actual metrics, SAP's workforce management solutions remove the mysteries to help eliminate the miscalculations that mar the operations bottom line. Our automated solutions provide an intelligent, comprehensive, and integrated approach to sales, scheduling, timekeeping and business intelligence that delivers tremendous value at the store level and across the entire chain.

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Oracle (Workforce Scheduling)

From the Oracle (Workforce Scheduling) website:

Oracle Workforce Scheduling is a comprehensive offering that helps organizations accurately forecast and schedule workers to meet both customer service and cost objectives. Oracle Workforce Scheduling expands Oracle's human capital management (HCM) footprint and enables companies in the retail and hospitality industries to optimize schedules and meet forecasted workload demand. Oracle Workforce Scheduling is currently available and sold as a stand-alone product.

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Kappix (DRoster)

From the Kappix (DRoster) website:

At Kappix, we know how much time and effort you invest in ensuring that your business is properly deployed to give your customers quality service. We also know you have more pressing issues to check off your to-do list. You just can't afford the time you're putting in to scheduling your employees, factoring in numerous employee scheduling constraints, and painfully trying to avoid conflicting shifts. That's why Kappix wants to provide you with all the benefits of an automated free employee scheduling software but without the hassle involved in using complicated scheduling software. Kappix's DRoster employee scheduling software is designed to relieve you of the daily pressures of creating shifts, coverage for absences, rosters, and duties.

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WorkPlace Systems

From the WorkPlace Systems website:

Demand-led scheduling uses an optimization algorithm to automatically calculate the times that employees will work and what work they will be doing. Demand-led scheduling uses a prediction of the demand for work together with the individual HR records (including contractual details, skills, competencies and preferences) in order to work out the right people doing the right activity at the right time. The optimization algorithm at the heart of the process will ensure that no rules (either legislative or company) are broken. Where any flexibility in employment contracts exists, its usage is maximized, ensuring a reduction in overstaffing (wasted labor cost) and a reduction in understaffing (reduced service levels).

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Schedule Pro

From the Schedule Pro website:

Schedule Pro is a sophisticated and easy-to-use, multi-lingual, staff scheduling software package. Schedule Pro quickly and easily automates the scheduling of your facility's personnel to save you time, money and frustration. It can save you up to 80% in scheduling time costs. A full return on investment (ROI) can be realized between 6-24 months. The program uses the Windows environment to combine simple schedule creation with an intuitive interface that any Window's user can understand.

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From the website: is the hottest scheduling system on the market today. With powerful Adaptive Scheduling Technology, brings new meaning to the words "automated scheduling". You've never used anything like this before! From the ground up, we have designed to specifically address the scheduling needs of the company as a whole. Our core objectives are to help you save time, reduce labor costs, and improve customer service by scheduling the right people at the right times. In short, is an automation system for quickly generating schedules and managing employee-centric data.

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PayChex Scheduling Solutions

PayChex owns Stromberg, a company that specializes in Labor Scheduling Solutions. From their website:

Stromberg Enterprise Scheduling is a complete personnel management solution ensures you have the right headcount, with the right skills, scheduled at the right time. This dynamic enterprise scheduling system can help increase profits, improve customer service, reduce payroll errors, and eliminate staffing problems by making the most efficient use of your two most important resources – time and labor.

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ADP (eTime Employee Scheduling Software)

From the ADP (eTime Employee Scheduling Software) website:

Enterprise Scheduler extends the power of Enterprise eTIME workforce management software by providing tools to track where the job needs to be done, what skills are required to do the work, and when the work needs to be done. Giving your managers visibility into all the labor resources throughout your company, along with the tools to rank employees according to cost, compliance, availability, and preference, enables them to make fair, equitable scheduling decisions that satisfy labor agreements and enhance the bottom line.

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From the CrunchTime! website:

Labor Scheduling and Workforce Management are important components of the CrunchTime! application suite. This module consists of many mission critical tools including Sales Forecasting, Employee Setup and Maintenance (which interfaces with your POS and HR system), Ideal Staffing Matrixes, Employee Scheduling, Integration of Time and Attendance Data from the POS, Enforcement of all local labor laws, integration to all back-end payroll systems, and enterprise labor reporting. This information flows directly into the CrunchTime! P&L and other supporting reports so that your team can measure payroll efficiency and aggressively manage your payroll dollars.

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IBEX (iSchedule)

From the IBEX iSchedule website:

iSchedule makes scheduling easier. iSchedule was created in response to the frustrations experienced by scheduling managers in the hospitality and retail industries. The program’s intuitive nature and accessibility is the result of an innovative and creative IT team that is solutions-oriented, anticipating industry trends and answering questions that have yet to be asked. It’s our innovative nature that has enabled to respond to the challenges and needs of our customers.

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xpient (LaborPro.NET)

From the xpient LaborPro.NET website:

IRIS LaborPro is a powerful solution designed to improve the utilization of labor resources by matching staffing levels to business needs. By making the capture, process and analysis of labor data easier than ever before, all levels of management are able to achieve better results and keep employees happier and more productive. Scheduling, enforcement of work rules, accuracy in pay, benefits, regulatory compliance, record keeping and reporting are all information intensive tasks that, once automated, allow managers to manage defensively (as opposed to reactively) and deliver a positive impact to the day-to-day aspects of unit-level operations.

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From the Workbrain website:

Workbrain Workforce Scheduling is the most advanced suite of industry-focused scheduling solutions to forecast, schedule and optimize labor deployment. The solution aligns your workforce with your workload, while balancing a multitude of constraints, including corporate budgets, local labor laws and union rules. Full integration with Workbrain Time and Attendance ensures that the right people, with the right skills, are in the right place at the right time, at the lowest possible cost.

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From the Tomax website:

Labor is a retailer’s largest controllable non-merchandise expense. Retailers must apply available scientific processes to the problem of ensuring that the right people, with the right skills, are available, in the right place and at the right time, to optimize the customer experience and retailer results. The strategic application of technology and people/processes can eliminate up to 10% of workforce costs AND improve customer service.

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StorePerform has been purchased by RedPrairie, and is now called RedPrairie Scheduling. From the RedPrairie website:

RedPrairie Scheduling combines the labor requirements forecast with employee factors such as skill level, availability, preferences, and labor laws to create an optimal schedule. Because the schedule is tightly integrated with the forecasting application and human resources data, it ensures employees are in place to meet customer demands. And because their individual work preferences are met, employee satisfaction increases.

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Reflexis (RetailAction LaborScheduler)

From the Reflexis RetailAction LaborScheduler website:

Managers and employees use an extremely quick and simple Web-based interface, leaving the powerful number-crunching to the LaborScheduler application itself. LaborScheduler cuts the time dramatically for creating optimized labor schedules for each store. At the same time, it goes beyond traditional labor scheduling approaches by considering three distinct types of retail labor: sales-driven, routine, and ad hoc. By scheduling labor based on the type of work required, at any level of granularity you choose, LaborScheduler gives you the power to execute your corporate retail plan as never before.

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JDA (Workforce Management)

From the JDA Workforce Management website:

Your workforce is your largest expense after inventory. Yet, effective workforce management is a constantly evolving challenge. Bring your operations more in line with your leanest competition with JDA Workforce Management. This proven solution offers best-of-class capabilities for budgeting, forecasting, scheduling, time and attendance, labor tracking, operations management, corporate reporting and workforce interaction via web portals. JDA Workforce Management delivers tangible savings along with enhanced operational performance, employee satisfaction and overall customer satisfaction.

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Park City Group (Labor Manager's Workbench)

From the Park City Group (Labor Manager's Workbench) website:

Park City Group's Labor Manager's Workbench delivers optimized, rules-based labor schedules, automates employee attendance data collection and processing, and provides business projections based on current and historic trends. More than just a scheduler, this seamlessly integrated scheduling, forecasting and time-measurement solution provides advanced capabilities that link critical business functions together for a complete labor management solution. The result is a comprehensive solution to maximize efficiency and productivity throughout your organization.

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Stromberg (Labor Resource Management)

From the Stromberg (Labor Resource Management) website:

Stromberg Enterprise Scheduling is a complete personnel management solution ensures you have the right headcount, with the right skills, scheduled at the right time. This dynamic enterprise scheduling system can help increase profits, improve customer service, reduce payroll errors, and eliminate staffing problems by making the most efficient use of your two most important resources – time and labor.

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From the Kronos website:

Workforce Scheduler empowers you to maximize the use of your organization's most valuable asset and largest controllable expense — your workforce. By providing clear visibility of available employee resources across your entire organization — as well as automated tools designed to facilitate the decision-making process — Workforce Scheduler helps you balance your scheduling needs with labor costs, productivity, workplace satisfaction, and your bottom line.

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From the ScheduleAnywhere website:

ScheduleAnywhere is the easy and affordable employee scheduling system that lets you manage your employees' work schedules via the Internet. ScheduleAnywhere makes it possible to schedule your employees from any computer with an Internet browser, giving you unparalleled scheduling flexibility and power. Managers and employees can view and print schedules online, as well as submit time-off requests, which makes communicating work schedules easier and saves you time.

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From the ScheduleWriter website:

ScheduleWriter is the easiest and fastest way to create and manage your employee schedules. It lets you quickly create a full week's schedule in minutes eliminating the chore of writing schedules longhand with pencil and paper. Just define your shifts and positions, enter your employees, and you're ready to start scheduling. ScheduleWriter works for any type of business that has employees.

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From the WhenToWork website:

WhenToWork is the most advanced online employee scheduling software program available. You can automatically assign your schedule shifts based on employee work time preferences. Also included: automatic e-mail and text message notifications, employee tradeboard, company bulletin board and employee tracking...all for half the cost of other employee scheduling programs!

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From the WhenToWaiter website: provides an inexpensive, easy-to-use scheduling service built exclusively for the restaurant industry. Managers can allow employees to adjust their availability, ask for time off, and trade shifts through the website. Individual schedules can be emailed and even text messaged to employees once published. will save a manager time, money, and even the occasional headache.

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From the ScheduleFly website:

Schedulefly is an easy-to-use online employee scheduling application serving the restaurant industry. Restaurant managers create, post and manage weekly schedules from anywhere, anytime. Schedulefly will instantly and automatically send every employee a text message or email containing new schedules and schedule changes. All employees will be informed of their most up to date work schedule within seconds after it is posted on-line. Employees can also go on-line to update their personal contact information, view schedules, trade shifts and indicate their availability.

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From the Deterministics website:

To successfully plan and manage labor, you must first be able to accurately define workload as a level of detail and specificity that reflects the complexity of real world restaurant operations. A workload management strategy is needed to account for all of the diverse factors that determine workflow requirements: menu changes, recipe changes, changes in brand standards, seasonal variations, marketing programs and changing consumer preferences. Deterministics applies its restaurant operations engineering and software engineering expertise to offer a comprehensive labor management system that lets you accurately forecast workload requirements and create highly optimized labor schedules.

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From the MenuLink website:

Radiant Systems’ MenuLink back office software offers advanced tools to gain greater control of your business while reducing operating costs. Whether you run a quick service or table service restaurant, you need to do more than serve great food, offer exemplary service and hope for repeat business – you need a rich, robust restaurant back office software solution. Our award winning MenuLink back office application is designed to minimize waste and maximize profits. It is proven to streamline operations and to control costs in many different types of restaurant and retail environments and our goal is to assist you in running a successful business.

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Time Management (TMx)

From the TimeManagement website:

Drive restaurant labor cost down, operating profit up, and save time & hassle! TMx is an integrated labor management software suite that automates labor scheduling, labor forecasting, time and attendance, payroll administration and restaurant human resource management. TMx integrates with electronic timeclocks plus a variety of point-of-sale time and attendance clocks.

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From the HotSchedules website:

The benefits of HotSchedules are endless! With HotSchedules in place, employees have access to their work schedules on the web, text messaging, email and even a convenient automated phone system! Employees may also use the built-in shift exchange functionality to release, swap and accept shifts between one another. For staff managers the benefits are even more far reaching. From the comfort of their own home or nearest coffee shop, administrators and managers may now remotely monitor and adjust schedules to meet business demand and employee preferences.

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From the CyberShift website:

CyberShift, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise-class Workforce Management and Expense Management solutions to help mid to large sized global organizations optimize the performance and productivity of their workforce. CyberShift's rules-based platform delivers a fully integrated solution for the management of all aspects of time and attendance, advanced employee scheduling, travel and expense management automation, FMLA and FLSA management and employee and manager self-service functions along with powerful workforce reporting and analytics.

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The Software

Welcome to - a site dedicated to software designed to make employee scheduling simple. We feature software for retail, hotel, motel, restaurant, bar, club, and other food-service companies.

We hope you find a solution to your labor scheduling problem here.


In addition to the many free, commercial, and open source software packages listed, this site also features employee labor scheduling from TimeForge.

TimeForge is a fast and simple labor management system that includes employee scheduling, timecard management, and much more! TimeForge offers a free trial of the entire labor management solution that you may want to consider if you are interested in a professionally maintained and supported solution.


In foodservice, retail, and many other industries - labor is the single highest cost of running the business, and one of the most variable and challenging areas to control. Make sure to manage the work schedule (theoretical schedules), and the time and attendance (actual time).
Retail time and labor management is an amazing opportunity to empower employees and managers - reducing turnover and improving profits. Employees are assets, not liabilities.
Improper labor scheduling can result in expensive and needless overtime being accrued by staff members, and ignoring labor regulations may result in expensive fines from local and national labor authorities. Make sure to schedule properly to avoid fines and overtime.
Remember that employee work schedules are not payroll and should not be used as payroll reports. Instead, pay payroll from the time and attendance system, such as a Point of Sale system, Property Management System, or an attendance management system like TimeForge
Employees are the most expensive and valuable asset in your business - so be sure to manage them properly!
Building an employee work schedule is complicated. Use labor scheduling tools to keep managers happy, and reduce staff turnover.

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